Thursday, November 03, 2005

Google Yahoo & Ask Jeeves - All are Offering New Features Today

Fans of Google Maps will want to check out Sidebar's new maps panel, which lets you do all the usual cool maps stuff -- local business info, directions, sightseeing - plus a new one: finding new locations relevant to the web pages and emails you're reading
and showing them in your maps panel.

Aside from being far more interactive (click and drag!), there are some major differences we think you'll like.
Multi-point driving directions. Get yourself from point A to
B and on to C all in one map. Integrated Yahoo! Local. Includes our local
search, a browseable interface, easy access to business ratings, reviews, and
events. The new overview map (in the upper-right hand corner) helps you get your
bearings. The little grey box representing your big map is even drag-able. Use
it to move around rapidly without losing context.
Here are some of the new
features for AJDS:
-- Folder Indexing Preferences (choose what to index!)
Improved PDF indexing
-- Email attachment name indexing
-- Improved Zip
file indexing
-- Enhanced previews for Office files
-- Indexing of
iTunes metadata (search by title, artist, album, genre, and year)
-- Search
term highlighting
-- Full Outlook Express support
-- Pause indexing
(with new animated indexing graphic)
-- Improved stability overall
-- New homepage with most recently viewed files
-- Improved status
-- Writely document search (yes, Web-based word processing a desktop search tool!)


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